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Completed Tenerife bluetrail 67km

June 10, 2018


After six months of immense training running over 600km, gym and diet it was time finally to start the Tenerife blue-trail 67km.


It was an early start so we needed to get up at 3.30 am everything was prepared as we went to sleep at 12midnight, Maria my wife didn't even sleep. It was a 4.15am pick up by my run partner Diego Alverez and his cousin Dimitri who always drives to the big run days. Up to Vilaflor one of the highest villages in Spain and thank god a coffee bar was open to grab a large Americano. Had to go to the start point through an equipment checkpoint, ie emergency blankets, whistle, full battery phones, waterproof jackets and we were ready to leave at 6 am.


I wasn't nervous at all I have trained so hard and given up this year what most people class as fun and you're considered a bore with no friends!!!! drinking alcohol in bars, the food that you always want but you know will affect your condition.

To do what we did there is always go to be a sacrifice but its worth it when you pass the finish line.


Off we went 6 am drums banging as we ran off into the dark Tenerife mountains with just headlights to see the volcanic rocky floor, the first part was ascent up to Mount Teide the second highest peak in Spain. It was a hard start to the run the air so thin and for about 2km of the 17km up we had to walk in the black volcanic sand which was slipping under your feet. Once under the shadow of Teide, we had to climb another mountain. The sun was up by now and was hot around 28degrees, you could see the clouds below but the sun beat on us all around the national park for 36km and  6.5 hours. I couldn't wait to get off there and descend back into the North clouds.


At last the descent down after refuelling now with full backpacks off water a little pasta and fruit in stomach ,energy gel and down we went 14km to the mountain called Asomadero  through cloud, drizzle at first then rain ,what a change in weather and climates it was refreshing but under the feet dangerous so muddy and wet .

My toes were killing as the descent is so relentless, my left knee was killing so I was landing on my right to take the impact. Finally, at the base off Asomadero, I bought a spare pair of socks as last year I tore holes in them on the marathon, I was correct they were completely ruined holes in both, I swapped socks refuelled on refreshments and waited and my wife who turned up 5minutes after. We were ready to now after 50km to take on Asomadero which is a 1000metres, 1km high. It was very hard to climb relentlessly on the thighs with loads of massive steps all the way up, but what we didn't expect once up was the down, it was so muddy from all the rain you couldn't even stand up I managed to only fall twice but what should off been a quick 15km descent turned at to take 1hour to do 5km. At last out the mountains and on the home stretch to Puerto del Cruz beach front.


I put on some tunes which I didn't use all the way but for the last 10km to push me to the finish line and between walking and light jogging until my knees hurt got back to the finish line. My run partner Diego finished 11 hours 50mins and my wife Maria caught up at the final part for us both to cross the line hand in hand on 12 hours 27mins. 


This run was the hardest thing I've done in sport and life and I don't think I will ever do this distance again. There is one thing to achieve something but there must be enjoyment along with satisfaction. If you have been following my blogs or me then my story has been told to this day and also I set out to achieve a goal which was to raise money hopefully around 1500euros for a great children's charity HELPINGHANDSINTENERIFE which with the founder Elizabeth Montague is a charity close to my life story and my heart.


I'm not tired but its time to relax enjoy summer and look for the next challenge which I think is going to be next year in July an ultra in Iceland 55km... I did say I wasn't doing that distance again.lol





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